Hot Spot Starter App

Have you ever been tired of switching on WiFi tethering manually when your smartphone connects to your in-dash car handsfree unit via Bluetooth. This App brings the solution, the missing Android feature.

This App will start the WiFi hot spot of your mobile automatically as soon as it gets connected via Bluetooth to your in-dash car unit (or any other Bluetooth device).

– Automatically starts WiFi hot spot when connecting to a Bluetooth device
– WiFi state will always be restored automatically after Bluetooth disconnect
– Start selected Apps with the hot spot (basically means, start specific apps like radar warners everytime you enter your car and bluetooth connects to the handsfree unit)
– Several setup options like shutdown bluetooth at disconnect, select specific bluetooth devices only

Just start the App once to set it up. After that it will run in the background doing the “work” for you.

Tested with the following devices (make / model / Android version):
Samsung / Galaxy Note 3 / Android 4.4.2
Motorola / Moto G / Android 4.4.4
HTC / One X+ / Android 4.2.2

If you encounter problems with the app with your smartphone please send me an email. I will get back to you soon.

Get it on Google Play

There is as well a free version of the app with the following features only:
– Automatically starts WiFi hot spot when connecting to a Bluetooth device
– WiFi state will always be restored automatically after Bluetooth disconnect

Get it on Google Play



  1. Helmut Weidenholzer · · Reply

    Gibt es Hoffnung, dass das App auch mal unter Android 6.0.1 laufen wird ?

    1. Ja 🙂

  2. Helmut Weidenholzer · · Reply

    Excuse the Google translation!
    Too bad this app is apparently no longer being developed! Also on my new S7 is not natural! Since it is not working with my Galsxy S6 probably not yet upgraded to Android 6.0.1. I hope that comes soon, because the app is exactly what I need! When’s it going I will of course choose the retail version! I think it is because the necessary permissions from Android 6.0.1 are not taken (are empty), because with my S5 Android 5.0 everything works perfectly.

    1. Should work with latest updates

  3. Ian Woodhouse · · Reply

    I was very excited when I saw this app but unfortunately doesn’t work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. What could I be doing wrong

  4. Daniel Kovac · · Reply

    Hi, on my previous works perfect. Now I have Huawei Nova and app can’t work. Have you any idea?

  5. Patrick Scharpf · · Reply

    Hi. Having enjoyed to use your app – and so now I am sad to see that it no longer works under Android 7.0. Any suggestions from your side?

  6. AndrĂ© Bohn · · Reply

    Wird der Hotspot Starter auch mit Android 7 und 8 funktionieren?
    Momentan funktioniert er nämlich nicht mehr.

  7. Not working on Xiaiomi Mi Ai with Android 8.00. I got message on phone “hotspoot started”, but no WiFi hotspot available for my Car Radio. If I switch hotspot ON manually, then ererything is O.K.

  8. Richard schwenzer · · Reply

    I have a Galaxy S8 plus and all it does is disconnect the Wi-Fi and turn it back on but it does not do anything to the hotspot I would gladly purchase if this worked.

  9. Purchased full version to turn on hotspot for my android head unit. When it connect via Bluetooth it says it’s turning on hotspot but it does nothing. Would really like for it to work exactly what I need. Samsung galaxy s7 edge android 7.0. Any help. Unfortunately if it doesn’t work need to pursue a refund

  10. Rene Aldenhofen · · Reply

    Ich hätte gerne die Debuging Version von der App.
    Ich muss mein S8+ jedesmal aufwecken (Display anschalten) damit die App funktioniert,

    1. Thanks for the feedback . This looks like to be an general Android issue. I will check that…

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