Release history

– For more convenient user interaction some state logic was added. Check it out by selecting the built-in “Default state layout” in this version. For more info on xml definitions take a look at
– Improved connection handling and some bugfixes.

– Added “style” attribute to the button elements. The following styles are available: “dark”, “light” and “red”. The style can be edited by button context menu as well. (Built-in layout was updated. Save your current layout and select it from the menu).

– Added customization of phone volume keys (e.g. for AVR volume control).

– Better layout
– Added broadcast receiver with action intent android:name=”de.thjunge11.avrdroid.action.SEND_COMMAND” and putExra(“command”, “put your command here”) to send commands from your own app or from task schedulers like e.g. tasker, must be enabled in the settings before use.



  1. athon34 · · Reply

    A new version for Android V 8.0 (Oreo) ???

    1. Already released. Please give feedback if it is working.

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